MegaBarcode User Guide

MegaBarcode is a free online barcode label generator. It can generate UPC, Code 39, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, MSI and many other barcode types.

  1. Adding, Editing and Deleting Barcodes
    The user interface of MegaBarcode consists of a toolbar with commands and a grid. The grid header button contains a green plus button in its right side as shown below: The grid contains rows and the following buttons:
    1. Add button - when clicked creates a new label row below the grid header. Enter the information for your new barcode label in the new row and then click the green plus button at the right side of the row to add the barcode label to the grid. To hide the new label row, click the green button in the grid header again (item 1 on the image above).
    2. Label image button - this button opens the barcode label image dialog. Click the Select Image button to select an image for the barcode label from your computer, tablet or smartphone. If it has a camera you can also take a photo with it. This is very useful when you want to create client cards with barcode and photo of the client. To take a photo with the camera do the following in the image dialog:
      • Click the Camera button to turn on the camera.
      • Give MegaBarcode permission to access the camera.
      • Click the button Take Photo to take a photo.
      • Click button Close if you like the photo or the button Camera to take a new photo.
    3. Edit button - click this button of a barcode label row to edit it. You can also click in any of the fields of the row to edit it. When ready click the green tick button at the right side of the row to apply the changes or the red "X" button to cancel them.
    4. Delete button - deletes the barcode label row.
  2. Inserting Barcode Sequences
    To insert a barcode sequence click Insert -> Sequence. The "Insert Sequence" dialog will open. You should enter the starting number of the barcode, the increment step and the wanted number of barcodes. If you want enter the prefix and the sufix, too. For example if you enter 12 for prefix, 100 for the initial number (the field "Number") and 341 for suffix, then when you click the Insert button the barcodes 12100341, 12110341, ..., 12250341 will be created. You can see barcodes that are going to be inserted in the preview on the right.
  3. Page and Barcode Settings
    Click the Page button from the toolbar to select page size, page margins and how many rows and columns of barcodes you want on a page. Click the Design button to select the barcode type, the label style and the font sizes for the barcode label. The following label styles are available:
    • Barcode only - barcode labels will have only a barcode and its textual value below it.
    • Barcode and title - barcode labels will have title at the top and a barcode and its textual value below the title.
    • Image, title and text - barcode labels will contain an image on the left, a title on top and a barcode and its textual value below the title.
  4. MegaBarcode Settings
    The Settings button lets you select MegaBarcode's language and measurement units. The selected measurement unit also affects the default page size and the default barcode type. You can select between the following measurement units:
    • Metric units - set the measurement unit to millimeter (mm), the default page size to "A4" and the default barcode type to "EAN-13".
    • US units - set the measurement unit to inch (in), the default page size to "Letter" and the default barcode type to "UPC".
    The default values mentioned above will be set automatically to the new document that is created when you click File -> New. If you want to use different default values, it's best to configure a new document the way you want and save it with File -> Save As to a file, for example "Default.mb". Then each time you want to create a new document instead of clicking File -> New just open your default document via File -> Open.
  5. Generating and Printing the Barcode Labels
    To generate the barcode labels, click the Generate button. MegaBarcode will generate your barcode labels and show them in a new tab of your browser. You can then easily print it by clicking the Print button or by pressing Ctrl + P from the keyboard (Command + P for Mac).
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